Matej Hrbek

30.03.23 – 28.04.23

Matěj Hrbek started his studies in the class of Intermedia under Milan Knižak at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and continued in the painting class of Vladimir Skrepl. During this time, he experimented with various creative techniques, but always returned to sculpture and drawing. Hrbek’s drawings, which have an almost painterly character, illustrate the mysticism of nature, without any human element. The sculptures become objects, which are suitable for worship, although they are no sacral objects of any real religious dogmatic. Instead of western Christianity, Hrbek perceives Eastern philosophies or the principles of religions, which are based in nature itself, as more significant and therefore draws inspiration from them to fulfill a spiritual void inherited from previous generations. At the same time, he creates an alternative draft to the imaginative ideas of marketing departments.

Partner: Villa Paula, Klenová, Czech Republic

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