Rosie Dahlstrom

15.08.23 – 30.08.23

'Blood is what the egg needs.'
Edwin Morgan

Rosie Dahlstrom is an artist and writer currently based between Glasgow and London. Graduating in Painting & Printmaking from the Glasgow School of Art in 2014, she was a recipient of the Phoenix Bursary until 2015 and in 2020 she completed MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts. Her practice comes from a painting background, but as the work is narrative-driven the stories can also take the forms of collage, film, sculpture, text and installation. This experimental approach has led to engagement with a range of unusual spaces, from a cell in an abandoned jail in Kintyre to a belfry in a church in Bethnal Green.

Dahlstrom's practice explores retellings of ancient narratives, primarily those of Ancient Greek monsters and metamorphoses, and specifically the queer/woman/animal hybrids that so many monsters find form in. Using these stories to investigate ideas such as the nature of belief, problematic breeding, alienation and violation, or the will to destroy, each project takes an archetype and investigates their uses and re-imaginings across culture from the ancient world through to contemporary society. By combining an ancient monster with a living face, the work aims to create a space that enables transformation.

Rosie Dahlstrom is part of the A-i-R Development Group, a network of international artists exploring the possibilities of collaborating in meaningful and contemporary ways in the context of artist residencies. During their time together at the International Künstlerhaus, the group addresses the question of how a productive collaboration can be realised both on a practical and aesthetic level as well as in terms of its compatibility with the burning issues of the day. At the end of their time together in Fronberg, the group will present the outcome of their meeting to the public at an event in the Kebbel Villa.

The A-i-R Development Group 2023 consists of the artists Pippa Brabyn (England), Rosie Dahlstrom (Scotland), Marion Flanagan (Canada) and Dedeia Rocha (Brazil).

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