Pippa Brabyn

15.08.23 – 30.08.23

Finding interest in the supernatural element of the photograph and metaphorical representation, Pippa draws inspiration from nature, often working with found objects, insects and organic materials to explore and demonstrate the dualities of life and death, 'here and there' and past and present. Using both analogue and digital photographic processes, this research often manifests as printed images, installations and sculptural photographs created via the mechanism of surface manipulation using organic and man-made substances. 

Pippa Brabyn is part of the A-i-R Development Group, a network of international artists exploring the possibilities of collaborating in meaningful and contemporary ways in the context of artist residencies. During their time together at the International Künstlerhaus, the group addresses the question of how a productive collaboration can be realised both on a practical and aesthetic level as well as in terms of its compatibility with the burning issues of the day. At the end of their time together in Fronberg, the group will present the outcome of their meeting to the public at an event in the Kebbel Villa.

The A-i-R Development Group 2023 consists of the artists Pippa Brabyn (England), Rosie Dahlstrom (Scotland), Marion Flanagan (Canada) and Dedeia Rocha (Brazil).

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