Carmen Herrera Nolovre

28.11.22 – 18.12.22

Carmen HERRERA NOLORVE is a Peruvian artist based in Bordeaux since 2005. She holds a Ph.D. in fine arts from Bordeaux Montaigne University, France, and currently teaches painting and engraving in several workshops. She is also co-president of the artistic association Connectif Plateforme Créative in Bordeaux.

Her artistic practice has evolved around the theme of identity, based on her own experiences: “In the street, people do not think that I am Peruvian. They speak to me in Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese”.

This perception of others led her to question “our” identity: “Who are we really?” She does this on a theoretical and practical level by constructing female identities derived from the deconstruction of herself.

"Using myself as a model, I deconstruct my face and my body to build another human" – a portrait that intrigues the viewer to question his or her own identity. The portraits are the result of the artist’s observations of individuals in their daily lives and form a complex and anonymous system that enables the viewers to assign to them the portraits that exist in their memory. Currently, the artist is adding new elements to her works, such as the natural hair of women; whom she calls "Donantes". This project shows the broadness of the medium of engraving, which allows her to reveal the values and structures of her portraits. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Peru, Colombia, France, Spain, Brazil, and Bulgaria. Her works are in numerous private collections in Europe and abroad. Many of her engravings have been used as covers for books and catalogs.

Partner: NOUAISON, Pujols/Libourne, FrankreichPartner: NOUAISON, Pujols/Libourne, Frankreich

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