​​​​Enikő Varga-Végvári (HU) | Partner: Pécs Writers Program, Pécs, HU

08.08.22 to 21.08.22

Enikő Varga-Végvári is a Hungarian writer, novelist and essayist based in Budapest. She was born in Debrecen. She became committed to the society issues and writing at a young age, after her winnings on poem and storyteller competitions. She joined to two cultural magazines’ editor teams in order to publish her first writings, critics, and interviews during her university years.

Her main themes are formed by the impressions about the main interactions between humans and our environment, therefore she uses analogies and metaphors related to nature. She represents the importance of the intergenerational changes as well. Besides her writing, she focuses on the illustrations of her stories.

Awards and Honours

2021.  Special Prize - Book days in everyday life competition  - by Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library for the short story „…and the picture becomes complete”

2015. Prize for scientific  publication at Media and Infocommunication Section – by National Media and Infocommunications Authority for the publication „The impact of Pulitzer Prize winning articles’ on society”

Selected published writings

2020. Snowy Peaks: Poems and Short Stories – „Quarantined joy”page 224

Havas csúcsok: versek és novellák [fel. szerk. Bakos József]. - [Székesfehérvár] : Holnap Magazin, 2020 - Karanténosított boldogság, 224. oldal

2021.  Life tales 2021 – „Homecoming at Easter”page 481

Életmesék 2021 [Debrecen] „Mosolyvirág” Nagycsaládosok Debreceni Egyesülete, 2021– Húsvéti hazaérkezés, 481. oldal http://mosolyvirag.hu/uploads/site_mosolyvirag/pages/documents/Eletmes%C...


Scientific publications

2015. The impact of Pulitzer Prize winning articles’ on society, National Media and Infocommunications Authority competition

2018. Investing to the future: corporate social responsibility programs for improving the situation of young people at the labor market - Szent István University - Multiculturalism in the 21st century conference


2013-2015 Forum Publicum magazine


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