Art Collections

The art collections at the Kebbel-Villa and in the adjacent park encompasses contemporary visual art from the international exchange, the region and the county capital City of Schwandorf. All art genres are present: painting, sculpture, installation, photography, drawing and literary works. The collection continually grows through new acquisitions and gifts from contemporary artists and patrons.

Due to the consistent act of collecting, a representative essence of art from the Upper Palatinate has emerged. The acquisitions support artists and their work is publicly recognized. The collection documents the development of contemporary art in the Upper Palatinate and functions as part of the collective cultural memory.

The Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus houses three collections:

  1. District of the Upper Palatinate: For many years, the Bezirk Oberpfalz has been active supporting the arts of the region, including acquisition of works by its artists. The collection currently comprises approximately 200 works in all genres beginning around 1960. Part of it is exhibited at the administrative complex in Regensburg, paired with regular exhibitions at the Kebbel-Villa.
  2. City of Schwandorf: The collection comprises over 300 works of art, plus several gifts and artist proofs from the Printmaking Studios. Important gifts were bequeathed by Dr. Anton Haug (approx. 80 framed works and 90 works on paper), whose furniture and estate also furnishes the public rooms of the International Artist Residence. Purchases of the deceased former City Councilor Dr. Felix Hierstetter and gifts by artists with a connection to the institution or the region round out the holdings. Part of the municipal collection is exhibited long-term at City Hall and at the International Artist Residence.
  3. Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus: currently more than 100 works of art, many by artists who participated in the exchange as well as Bavarian artists who particiipdated in the artist-in-residence program with our Res Artis partner houses in Germany and abroad.

The Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus collections were re-inventoried, documented and photographed in 2020. They may be accessed by museum professionals and scholars via the digital platform VINO (Virtual INternet Objects), a project of the State Office for Non-Governmental Museums in Bavaria.


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