Yukari Kaihori

01.06.17 bis 15.07.17

Homepage: http://www.yukari-kaihori.com/

Partnerhaus: Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, USA, Virginia, USA, www.vcca.com



Yukari Kaihori creates paintings to examine the intersections between the physical and internal landscapes, with a special focus on how those landscapes interact with memory and imagination. She often starts her work by running watery oil paint on the paper surface, staining the paper and making a figure by chance. Observing this figure and then introducing controlled marks, I create images open to one’s interpretation.  Organic shapes and patterns appear in her works as she has deep attraction and admiration towards nature. This might be because that she grew up in a several very different countries where culture, people and values varied so widely that the natural world was one of her life's only constants. As a result, her works tend to incorporate organic shapes and a language of landscape with hybrid of figures and abstraction.


Yukari Kaihori, (b. Osaka 1980), a Japanese artist, based in Wellington New Zealand since 2011, has exhibited her work locally and internationally. She was the recipient of t Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant award in 2015. She grew up shifting from Asia to South America to North America. Yukari earned her B.A. in Studio Art in 2004 from Lewis and Clark College in Oregon and she recently was a Fellow at the Vermont Studio Center and Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.



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