Jaroslav Grodl (CZ) aka Pure Beauty aka Huck Finn | Villa Paula Klatovy / Klenová, CZ

24.03.22 bis 30.04.22

Pure Beauty is a pseudonym, which is to be a summary „manifesto“. It is meant just as a reference to objects (pictures, drawings…) themselves. It shouldn’t include biographical facts, professional scalps, erudite explications of an art gesture or information on context. It should leave all these information unsaid, leave them aside as unnecessary and diverting the attention from the essential. Such information could be perhaps useful to fulfil the ambitions of an artist to be in the institutional sense of the word, in the sense of the success in art traffic and subsequent art history writing. But for Pure Beauty, the art itself is only a question of the purity and the truth, if there is any of these qualities, in objects. Pure Beauty finds some kind of beauty in sincerity, directness. But it is not a matter of haughtily mentoring, it is rather a succession of attemptions, asking about here and now, with and within the notion of the admirable firm continuity of past art.

2003-2009 Academy of Fine Arts, Prague
(painting studio I – school of Jiří Sopko, graphic art studio II – school of Vladimír Kokolia)
2007 – fellowship at Akademie der Bildenden Künste …
1999-2003 – Art and Graphics High school Jihlava

Exhibitions (selection):
2019 – It is hard, isnt it?, JazyGo!, language school & culure center Prague (as Huck Finn, with Hana Sommerová)
2017 – Primary source, Gallery Špejchar, Chomutov, CZ (with Pavlína Jana Lörinzová & Matěj Lipavský)
2017 – PURE BEUATY, Gallery Ve věži, Planá u Mariánských Lázní, CZ
2017 – Double view, Studio Síň, Telč, CZ (as Huck Finn, with Hana Sommerová)
2017 – Huck Finn: Paintings of Seine, Dům Gustava Mahlera, Jihlava, CZ
2016 – Normcore, Naugallery, Prague, CZ
2016 – moving through space, Galerie Hřivnáč, Opava, CZ
2015 – Scale, Městská galerie Hasičský dům, Telč, CZ
2015 – Hum and chirps, Divadlo Komedie, Praha, CZ
2015 – I exist..., Gallery 35m², Praha, CZ (group exhibiion)
2015 – 13AlK25, Gallery Mimochodem, Praha, CZ (with Matěj Lipavský)
2015 – Outside, inside and behind…, City Gallery Panský Dvůr, Veselí nad Moravou, CZ (with KW – Igor Korpaczewsky)
2014 – Alter Ego, Gallery Jiří Putna, Brno, CZ (with Barbora Lungová)
2014 – in_interior, Gallery Prostor 228, Liberec, CZ
2014 – City/2, Enterprise 01, Humpolec (with Petr Gruber)
2014 – Pure Beauty, Gallery Doma, Kyjov, CZ
2014 – Fundament: Colour, Regional gallery of the Vysočina region, Jihlava, CZ (with Jakub Tomáš and Petr Gruber)
2013 – Just screens. Gallery Artatak, Prague, CZ (with Jakub Tomáš)
2012 – At home, Gallery Nod mini, Prague, CZ (with Matěj Lipavský)
2012 Downstairs, Gallrey Downstairs, Fiducia club, Ostrava, CZ (with Matěj Lipavský)
2009 – M.Lipavký +PB, Gallery Makráč, Prague, CZ (with Matěj Lipavský)
2009 – Academy Graduees, Fair Palace, National Gallery Prague, CZ

2016 – CAMAC, Marnay sur Seine, FR

More information: http://pure-beauty.cz/pb/cv.html

Partner: Villa Paula Klatovy / Klenová, CZ


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