Anneli Holmstrom

15.10.18 bis 23.11.18

Anneli Holmström is a visual artist from Edinburgh, currently based in Lisbon.

Her work considers themes of self, through a cross-disciplinary approach that merges painting, sculpture, performance, film and multi-disciplinary collaboration. Her recent projects have invited people from a variety of disciplines, such as poetry, neuroscience, astrophysics, comparative mythology and philanthropy, to develop wide-ranging collaborations. Through such exchanges, the artist strives to open new channels for artistic enquiry, offering new perspectives for her own research as well as other disciplines. Thus far, these collaborations have involved commissioning texts on an area of interest that become influential in the development of installation, film and sound based works.  Visually, these artworks take the form of time-based media and immersive installation pieces. Materially, these works merge painted space with ready-made objects and places, blurring the boundary between the physical and pictorial. In mergers where image and object combine, the artist strives to explore the relation between psychological and physical spaces. Like the tactile sensibility of folk art, the work favors a materiality that evokes an intimacy between object and maker, embracing a DIY aesthetic – where a sense of secrecy and physical proximity become representative of the private and internal narratives visualized.


Artist Bio 200

Anneli Holmström (b. 1985) Graduated with an MFA from Edinburgh College of art in 2009 and is now currently based between Finland and Lisbon. Recent exhibitions include the solo show ‘{{{+}}} : -}}}}}’ at Summer Hall, Edinburgh; ‘SUMMA’ at the Royal Scottish Acadaemy; ‘Strange Loop’, at Gallery Babel in Trondheim, Norway, and later toured at Ex14 in Dresden, Germany (2016); ‘Usher’, Galleri Gro, Finland; ‘Polar twins’, GVRM, Copenhagen, and ‘Paper Rooms’ later toured to Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh, Ål Art center, Norway (2015), Osterbotten Biannual, Finland (2015). Anneli Holmström’s upcoming shows include ‘Method of Loci’, at Galleri Amu in Prague (2018)  Holmstrom has her works housed in numerous collections in the UK, Finland, Norway and China and has work included in the Tate Archives in London. She is the recipient of numerous awards including: Creative Scotland’s Open Project funding award; Henry Moore Foundation; RSA Residencies for Scotland; Barns Graham Travel Award; Svenska Kulturfonden; Österbottens Förbund; Andrew Grant Bequest and Hope Scott Trust. Anneli Holmström is also the co-founder of the international arts collective, Captain Lightfoot, alongside artists Emma Pratt and Kadie Salmon.


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